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    A dreamer, a mother
    and a hard working girl

    There was a time when colours where brighter, sounds where louder and stories where truer. I was only seven. Hidden from my grandma at the very end of a hot dusty attic, measuring my moves, counting my breaths, hungry, thirsty but praying not to be caught for at least another hour.

    I spent most of from their summer vacation. Dusty and thirsty, I buried my nose in the "treasures" that had been there for years. Forgotten by everyone. Touched only by time...

    Sitting by an old sewing machine next to the old sewing machine and shiver with excitement. I pull out one after another: first, the baby clothes; then, the cute little dresses; and finally, the linen tablecloths, hand-knit doilies, embroidered pillows, and Mom's divine tapestries.

    I would then bring these treasures we sat under the vine Grandma and I unraveled the stories of her life treasure by treasure.
    Then grandmother would put a spindle in my hands, give me a handful of wool, and teach me a skill that her older sister taught her, and her - their mother, and one mother - another woman from their clan.

    Years later I will embrace these stories will embrace these stories to create Saviani Casa. As a continuation of all that the women on my mother's side created.

    Saviani Casa is my beautiful legacy is my beautiful heritage For my three daughters, for your daughters, for your granddaughters, and for those women who create their home in their own handwriting.

    Olga N


    Bed full
    of stories

    We believe in families. We believe in kids’ laughter, in late night cuddling and early morning kisses, in movie nights in bed and endless bed time stories.

    Yes, we believe in stories. Stories should be shared to leapfrog time and remind us of what "once upon a time" .

    We created Saviani Casa with a dream. I dream that one day you neatly made bed will be made a mess by a handful of grandchildren. Nestled in your arms, their eyes gazing at you, absorbing every word, they will listen, because you will have a lifetime to share.

    Yes, some of the best memories are created in bed.


    When cotton
    meets artists

    We are a boutique manufacturer. Every button and every stitch goes through our hands. That's why our bedding comes out flawless.

    They love us for the small details. Our envelope closure on pillowcases is 8cm above market standards. Thus the pillow never slips out and the product looks more finished.

    Our benchmark - trim on the edge of the items is sewn only with a special foot. In any other way, the fabric may fold and stay wrinkled after laundry.⠀

    We select our fabrics by touching. We test the fabrics by washing at 40 to 60 degrees to know how much they crease, when they fade and how much % they shrink.

    We produce in standard and individual sizes.
    We send samplesbecause we know that sometimes one touch says more than a thousand pictures.

    Embroidery is for dessert. Monograms, names and logos on bedding and cushions. Our designers match designs, fonts and colours to your décor or occasion you are shopping for.

    Premium sateen
    Children's sets
    Soft towels
    Gifts for baby

    What they share about us

    Beautiful workmanship and amazing fabric! A personal and beautiful gift that has an every day use and will remain as a wonderful memory.

    Gabriela Georgieva

    At Saviani Casa they create not only with their hands, but also with their heart! Extremely delicate, refined and polished to the smallest detail. I thank them for the gift they give to all of us with what they create!

    Krasimira Ilieva

    The Saviani Casa are magicians who make wishes come true. Thanks for the attention to detail, the endless professionalism and the emotion woven into every stitch! I highly recommend if you want the result to exceed all your expectations.

    Maya Sharani

    Dear mothers , do you want your babies to sleep in soft blankets, dream pink dreams on magic pillows and learn aesthetics from an early age? I highly recommend the perfectly crafted from gorgeous fabrics products of SAVIANI CASA!

    Neli Dimitrova

    Wonderful workmanship, quality materials, made on time. Already have two gorgeous sets of bed linen and two embroidered cushions. Every detail was specified and done with precision, and packaged with a personal message at the end.

    Tsarevna Garbeva

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